Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bus Uncle - The Aftermath

No doubt you've seen the original video (here's a version with subtitles).

Just so that you're all caught up, the Bus Uncle video also led to:

1 - The identification of the Bus Uncle as Roger Chan Yuet Tung, a man who had twice tried to run for Chief Executive of Hong Kong despite apparently having no relevant experience whatsoever. He was later hired as a 'public relations officer' (i.e. a sideshow to attract customers) by a restaurant in Mongkok (great Hong Kong logic there) during which time he was beaten up by three assailants. The attack almost caused the restaurant owner's daughter to kill herself.

2 - Minor celebrity status for the young man being berated by Bus Uncle, the intruigingly named Elvis Ho Yui Hei, and the phone camerman Jon Fong Wing Hang. Elvis has not released a record yet, as far as I know.

To catch up fully, there are tons of Bus Uncle links here. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

The people here see it as a joke with quote like "You got pressure, I also got pressure" become popular.