Thursday, June 21, 2007

Frozen In Time (#2)

Apologies for the blurry pic. I just happened to spot this takeaway while I was sitting in my car waiting at some traffic lights.

It's just off Clapham Common in South London, close Clapham South Tube station. What the photo doesn't show very well is the traditional looking pictures on the wall. I'm guessing the window and door are recent replacements but I did like the vintage-looking shop sign. :)

'Frozen in Time' is the bbc blog's celebration of Chinese establishments that have stood the test of time and kept their original look in an age of constant revamping and updating. Please let me know if you spot any more 'Frozen in Time' Chinese establishments.

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Tracy said...

That's very cool. I like the "frozen in time" idea. It would be cool if there was a blog devoted to just that and have people submit photos from all over the world.