Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Edison Chen sex photo mess

The leaked sex photo scandal involving Edison Chen and his one time girlfriends Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung is engulfing the Hong Kong media.

For the full back story, head over to a blog that's been covering the scandal in detail: Coolsmurf Domain

The debate has moved on from whether the photos are real or fake (they seem to be real) and onto how the photos were leaked and what will happen next to the celebrities involved.

When the dust settles, it would (in my opinion) be hypocrisy to regard Edison as some kind of naughty-but-admirable playboy whilst consigning the exposed female celebrities to the dustbin of ex-stars ruined by scandal yet sadly this is a likely outcome.

If anything can be learned, surely it's that girls should not allow themselves to be photographed or videoed in compromising situations like this, regardless of who's holding the camera? You wouldn't allow actual, printed photographs like this to exist so why allow them to be on an easily steal-able phone or computer?

Meanwhile Edison Chen has fled Hong Kong and gone to be with his current girlfriend. That girlfriend is Vincy Yeung who is the niece of Albert Yeung who is the boss of Emperor Entertainment Group, one of the largest media companies in Hong Kong and Edison's former record label. I imagine some interesting conversations are taking place now.

UPDATE: For what it's worth, Edison's made a statement on the scandal:


Anonymous said...

PHONY. He's the one who victimized those women. He did not apologize for his action but instead use euphemism of "ordeal" to glaze over his misdeeds. Is someone going to look into whether those photos/video were taken with the other party's consent? The photos looked like they were taken with a hidden camera.

Anonymous said...

Whatever. People need to get a grip on reality. What exactly is his "misdeed"? He had full consentual sex with these ADULT women. He photographed them and they consented. I hate (as a chinese female) the ideology, that Chinese women are docile and are coerced into sex - he did not drag any of them kicking and screaming into taking pornographic images. HE DID NOT VICTIMISE ANY OF THEM. They are all sucessful, bright women with careers and a lot to lose.

Edison is a victim too; whoever stole images has victimised ALL OF THEM. He is now the village idiot but if he need to apolgise, then so do all of the women.

By the way, have you actually SEEN all the images? Because I have, and there are a few sets with Bobo Chan, Gillian and Ceclia performing and act on Edison, and not only are ALL the women looking directly into the camera, they are playing up to it, and there is flash with all the pictures (so how do you miss a flash going off about 10 times?).

If they had been taken without consent they would have rushed out straight away and condemned Edison. I know any decent woman would have.

Get real - all the women AGREED to sex with Edison, they all agreed to have photos taken. He is an idiot too for not protecting his PC, but the women do not need any protection from people who like to believe they are innocent little virgins.

Anonymous said...

"Edison is a victim too; whoever stole images has victimised ALL OF THEM. He is now the village idiot but if he need to apolgise, then so do all of the women."

I obviously disagree.

Edison is a liar and not very professional too. Yet those girls, be they love struck or blind, still choose to believe in him.

"Don't worry, nobody will see them cause I also inside..."

But as a man, it is unforgivable to take sexual explicit photos even if the girls consent. That he knew the consequence of his action, akin to building a time bomb. Why liar? He is a show off, well known for that. He even carried his laptop and show around to his male friends and won some challenges on bedding girls too. So when he proclaimed in his public apologies that the photos were private and he has no intention and never never will be shown. HE IS LYING in broad daylight. Yet Hong Kong Police did not charge him for "for causing severe hurt... distribute porn,,, and damage HK reputation. Talk about justice.

I felt real sorry for the victims as they just like our sisters who happened to have misbehaved. But do we DEFACED them (now with an image of pr##k over their faces) for their actions? If you are the relative, What do you think? Having sex is not a sin but the idiot who took the photos and breach their trust. If these girls don't trust him, Would you think they will allow the photo-taking?

If the HK Police don't buy my story, the victims and their relatives should sue Edison out of the living daylight. The idea is really not to bankrupt him but to ensure he can't afford a camera!

And don't blame those who paste the photos over the net. He created the contents!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Edison may have been irresponsible, but the whole thing is no big deal.

The only reason it is such a big deal is because of the LIES THAT THEY ALL TELL every time they portray themselves as saintly holier-than-thou people.

So, Edison, an adult male, had consentual sex with Gillian, and she gave him a blow job, and he went down on her.? What on Earth is the crime in that??????????