Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Worst Olympics ad ever?

Okay, we (the Spanish national basketball team) are going to the Olympics in Beijing.

What can we do in our pre-Olympics photoshoot that will really set the right tone for our trip to China?

Nice. The photo was taken for an ad for a courier company, Seur, who are sponsors of Spain's basketball team and ran in the country's top selling newspaper.

There were reports that the Spanish team were loudly booed by normally respectful spectators during their game against China (which Spain won) and it's thought it was partly due to this story hitting the net.

Spain has something of a history when it comes to racial insensitivity in sport. Their national football coach made derogatory racial remarks about France's Thierry Henry for which he was heavily fined, and of course last year Spanish Formula One fans decided to welcome Britain's Lewis Hamilton to their country by blacking up their faces and wearing T-shirts that said 'Hamilton family'. What a funny country.

In an extra twist, it turns out that the Spanish basketball team is also part sponsored by Li-Ning footwear, the company founded by Chinese sporting legend Li Ning who lit the torch at the Beijing opening ceremony.

Apparently no official apology or comment has been forthcoming the Spanish team.

Full story: New York Times blog.
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