Thursday, November 06, 2008

'Cantonese - The Movie' (cont'd)

These little learn Cantonese movies by Cecilie Gamst Berg (aka Chinadroll) are just too good not to post.

This time she deals with Cantonese noun qualifiers, using the classic sentence "that brother is taller than that brother" to illustrate a point (say it in Canto to see what she means).

Catch up with all the episodes of 'Cantonese The Movie' at Cecilie's blog

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Anonymous said...

Why, thank you! I'll make a link to you on my blog. I'm putting out a new episode, "In A Recession," in a couple of days.

Are you in Hong Kong? Mega party to celebrate our 100th podcast on RTHK on the 28th of November! Details on blog and facie bookie.