Thursday, March 05, 2009

Campaign against bad behaviour seems to be aimed mainly at Chinese people!

Together for London is a so-called 'passenger engagement campaign' that aims to stamp out annoying, anti-social behaviour on public transport such as playing loud music, talking loudly on mobile phones, being inconsiderate other passengers and so on.

It's hard to avoid the cutesy, Sanrio-inspired posters that are plastered all over London. Whether the campaign is effective or a waste of money is debatable but every time I see one I can't help thinking - Is that character meant to be Chinese? Check out the campaign website to see more:

Together for London

Trying to tell us something, Transport for London?


Anonymous said...

I read very interestingly. It is a plain article.

Madam Miaow said...

Omigod. Yes, I think you're right.

Yin said...

ouch. cute with a almost-racist message.

Anonymous said...

Yes I have noticed this long time ago. I am doing a dissertation about Social Marketing and have included this as an issue.