Saturday, June 27, 2009

'No Farmers Allowed'

Truly a sign of the times from modern China (Changchun). Well, it's either farmers or workman's attire they don't like.

They have a point, though: Every farmer I know is always wanting to pop into the local Emporio Armani!

via Danwei

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Kwok said...

Good observation. If we cast our minds back to the 90s, we also saw upwardly mobile HK chinese in the UK fear being re-associated with their old "lower-class" castes (the knackered Flip-flops, wrinkled shorts, stained T-Shirt & toothpick stereotype) so out came the bling, Armarnis, Guccis etc. Looking at this, is this not history repeating itself to some extent but in the form of a directive: "don't come here looking like *that*!