Thursday, October 07, 2010

Side by Side

Being a BBC is a bit like inhabiting two worlds: The Western, British world and the Chinese world. This can be taken literally if you have spent a lot of time in both the UK and Hong Kong. So I wondered if it would be interesting to pair up some familiar, everyday things from both worlds and show them side by side - a sort of pictorial description of the world through BBC eyes.

This isn't meant to show that one side is better than the other or anything; It's just to try and show the 'two worlds' that we become familiar with as BBCs.

What do you think of the pairings? Accurate or off the mark?

(If it isn't obvious, the left side is always UK and the right side HK)

More later... :-)

Photo credits:, dlade, rfeldman11, thesocialistway, dailymail,,,,, webs-of-significance, absolutginger,,


Sherry Lou Studio said...

i love the side by side photos. it's cool seeing the comparisons! the hello kitty slippers remind me of my sister (jennifer) haha.


dickiebo said...

Clearly a different Hong Kong to my days (1956!).
Do you mind if I pinch these pics - duly acknowledged, of course - for my blog, please?

burntbreadboy said...

If you could publish a few with a link to this post, that would be great. Thanks for reading! bbb

Anonymous said...

love the comparisons. maybe not so different after all? reminds me of this blog:

yuejn said...

This post is great! I love the comparisons.