Monday, December 20, 2010

Bad Food in Hong Kong? Is it possible?

Well, of course it is. But I'm so used to reading about/experiencing great HK food that it's sometimes a shock to hear a negative opinion.

This comes from the witty blogger extraordinaire, film-maker and perhaps the best Scandinavian Cantonese teacher in the world, China Droll aka Cecilie.

What I thought was prawn spring rolls turned out to be a kind of deep fried dough with one prawn, a piece of mango and loads and loads of mayonnaise. It was, to be charitable, inedible.

The next “thing” was deep fried tofu, always a safe bet I thought, but it was a kind of goo that had once looked at a soy bean, then turned tail and run headlong into a vat of fish paste, staying there for the next few months before turning up at our table looking exactly like infant’s poo and being, again very very charitably, totally inedible.

Are there any other examples of bad food in Hong Kong?

Link: China Droll

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Carmen kong said...

I absolutely love your blog! I'm a HongKongnese who has been living around in Europe (UK/Germany) for the past 6 years. This blog just gave me a hearthwarming feeling - there's someone else who understands!!

Keep up with the fun!

burntbreadboy said...

Thanks for reading! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I am a BBC as well and I have found myself looking back at your previous posts, I really like your blog. I dont know a lot about Hong Kong and its nice to get a view from a BBC perspective. Have a lovely New Year!

Cecilie said...

Oh, believe me, there's so much bad food in Hong Kong, half would be enough. Standards are dropping fast and every time I want to have a meal that's guaranteed to be good, I head across the border to Shenzhen.