Tuesday, March 29, 2011

'My Wedding and Other Secrets' - a NZBC movie

This makes me smile. A long time ago, over three years ago in fact, I published a post on this blog called 'Banana in a Nutshell' - Can Chinese parents still love you if they do things that upset you? .

It was inspired by a short documentary film I saw that told the story of a young new Zealand Chinese girl who wanted her parents to accept her Caucasian boyfriend.

It was a touching, well-made little film with a humourous side that I was happy to publicize to bbc blog readers.

Well, three years later it turns out that the girl who made that documentary has turned it into an actual full length movie that has just gone on release in New Zealand.

I have to say many Western-based Asian drama films can seem a bit fake and stilted but this one looks quite different and genuinely entertaining. Well done to all involved! Hopefully we'll get a chance to see it here in the UK.

Check out the trailer below.

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Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that there is a special London screening of the film to raise funds for the Christhchurch Earthquake Appeal on Sun 8 May, 6:30pm, at BAFTA in London hosted by Celeste Wong, one of the actors. Tickets by donation through www.eventelephant.com/myweddingandothersecrets-fundraiser

YTSL said...

Hi there --

Thanks for bringing the film to my attention.

Re "Western-based Asian dramas" that I think do work: have you seen SAVING FACE (from the US) and THE HOME SONG STORIES (from Australia)? Funny thing... both have Joan Chen in them. :)