Friday, January 20, 2012

Tempers flare are Mainland Chinese antagonism grows

This is reportedly a viral video from Hong Kong that shows an argument on an MTR train between local Hong Kongers and a Mainland Chinese woman who's daughter was allegedly eating soup noodles in her seat and causing a mess.

The argument and the responses to the video illustrate the sentiment felt by local Hong Kong that their infrastructure - and indeed their culture - is being placed under strain by the influx of Mainlanders. A trend that many would like the Hong Kong government to tackle more firmly.

Shockingly, the video has prompted some quite despicable comments from the mainland with regards to Hong Kongers. In a televised interview Peking University professor Kong Qing-Dong likened Hong Kongers to dogs and thieves.

Raised voices between members of the public is one thing. But for a supposed professor to make statements like these on national television?

This is clearly an issue that is not going to go away.


Cecilie said...

What a charming intellectual! I wish he could have told us what he REALLY felt. I have met many guys like him on the mainland but never seen them on prime-time TV.

nulle said...

Guess what, this idiot intellectual is the 73rd generation grandchild of Confucius (and there are suspicious that he is possibly condoned by the CCP as part of campaign to limit cantonese world-wide.)
stating "people of HKG are dogs. people who doesn't speak manadrin are [profanity]" (香港人「也」是狗, 不說普通話就是王八蛋)

CCP attempted and failed to limit use of cantonese (and traditional chinese characters) in Guangzhou during the 2008 Asian Games there.

urge you to join the facebook group below

nulle said...

guess what, now mainland chinese caught red-handed urinating on MTR trains.

what's next, mainland chinese defecating on the MTR?

nulle said...

Guess what, I spoke too soon...mainland chinese defecating red-handed on MTR trains at 8 in the weekday morning (and on public streets!)

Posted on TST, "Hong Kong Dogs, without us mainlanders, HK would not be so famous...Going against us, hope you 7 million HKers all die ASAP."

Mainland chinese deliberately eating lunchboxes on MTR

Xylotrupes said...

Mainlanders are the very dogs they speak about.

nulle said...

now the locusts just cost the life of a HKG baby because some pregnant mainland locust cut in line while at the ER. Happened on Nov 2011

Ugly Details on how the baby of HKG resident pregnant mother died.