Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Live the life of a European aristocrat... in Tai Po, N.T!

The last time I was in Hong Kong, this commercial for the 'Beverly Hills' property development seemed to be on TV constantly (much to my annoyance). As a bbc, I'm a lot more interested in seeing ads for the latest food products or those government adverts about how to live your life without annoying the hell out of your fellow citizens.

So overblown it's quite funny - like those old Ferrero Rocher commercials multiplied by 100. This company really wants to bang the point over your head - repeatedly - that their development is classy and sophisticated.

I'm not sure if living in Tai Po in the New Territories is exactly the same as flying a bi-plane to a French vineyard and canoodling by Notre Dame cathedral but hey, that's advertising!

It's interesting that this scale of development is happening in the N.T. It may be in response to the steadily increasing numbers of super-rich in China, who may not consider it essential to have an address on Hong Kong side.

The company homepage is here if you're curious. I've heard that asking prices are around 5-6 million GBP per unit.

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