Friday, August 24, 2007

9 yr-old boy applies to H.K. universities [Update]

An Indonesian-born Chinese maths prodigy who was raised in Hong Kong has submitted applications to a number of Hong Kong universities - at the age of just 9.

March Boedihardjo has received his British A-level results (he got two As and a B) and is reported to be waiting to hear back from several universities including HKU and Baptist University.

[The boy's father] Tony Boedihardjo declined to disclose which university is his son's first choice. But he insisted going to university was his son's only option. "He is not old enough to go to work and he has already passed his A-levels," he said. "Studying at a university is his only choice."

It's a fair point. Uni does seem to be the next logical step. Although if he plans to take a gap year, he'll have to do it aged 11 or 12, which might limit his traveling options!

Update: March has now been accepted at Honk Kong Baptist University and gave this unexpectedly cutesy press conference in Hong Kong. Cheeky little maths prodigy, isn't he?

Original story here.

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