Friday, November 02, 2007

The Brit tourist video causing anger in Singapore

The video below shows three British males having a laugh and a joke at the slow pace of the rickshaw that they're riding whilst on a trip to Singapore. They then refuse to pay the fare (10 Singapore dollars - about 3 pounds), despite the driver's pleas, and he is clearly someone in need of the money.

People in Singapore have been outraged at what they see as the gross mistreatment of an elderly man: The driver of the rickshaw, Lee Shee Lam, is 67 and he was attempting to carry 3 adult men in his rickshaw (which would explain the slow pace of the ride).

The video is certainly uncomfortable viewing. Is it abuse of an old man or 3 tourists who feel they're being ripped off? Judge for yourself:

An indication of the anger the video has generated can be read here:

The original Youtube user BODavis has apparently shut down his account.

News story: Daily Mail.

1 comment: said...

I didn't watch the video I know it would p*** me off so much.

Typical of the young male Brit i'm afraid - nothing more infuriating than someone who takes advatange of someone who cannot defend themselves.

I've seen numerous occasionans (in the UK) of younger people (white) being rude or bullying older asian (chinese, pakistani) individuals. Boy they don't like it when I step in!