Monday, March 03, 2008

Dramatic showdown at Lydia Shum memorial service

What was meant to be a sombre, respectful occasion - the memorial service for Lydia Shum Din Ha - briefly turned into a melodrama straight out of a Hong Kong soap opera when actor Alan Tang Kwong-wing berated fellow celeb Adam Cheng Siu-chau for not being a father to the the daughter he had with Lydia (Joyce Cheng Yan-yee).

Scroll to around 1:35 to see the relevant incident.

Tang went as far as demanding that Cheng step up on to the stage and explain himself, which he did with Joyce at his side.

You can see what transpired in the video, but essentially it seems that has been some a lot of gossip surrounding Lydia Sum's family affairs and not all of it has been fair.

Only in Hong Kong...

STORY: The HK Standard


Anonymous said...

Why is Adam Cheng subjected to such crap from Alan Tang and/or anyone else? He is after all the EX-husband, so what do these people expect from him? Everyone has his/her own reasons for certain actions or non-actions & is certainly not accountable to the whole world. What is more important is that Joyce & her father both know what had transpired & for Joyce to know why. I hope everyone will give space to both father & daughter to grieve/handle this recent event. Joyce has already lost her mother, don't make her life more difficult.

burntbreadboy said...

I agree. I think it was inappropriate to make those comments. People shouldn't get involved in other people's family matters without knowing the full story.

Anonymous said...

I watched that scene live on TV. It was shocking after long hours of mundane and normal stuff.