Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wanted: Chinese Women Pt. 2

Here's a slightly funny, and slightly sad, footnote to my earlier post 'Goodbye, Oriental City'.

As I was walking around taking pictures on my last visit to Colindale, I spotted this strange advertisement stuck on the glass door leading to the car park (if you're familiar with OC, it was right near the durian shop).

I had to double-take to make sure it was real. This is a personal ad from white male seeking a Chinese female.

Cheaply printed and crudely stuck onto a window, it is a desperate and yet, in a way, quite disrespectful lonelyhearts ad. The man who did this is employing methods more commonly used to locate lost cats or sell used cars to find what is meant to be the love of his life - a Chinese woman.

The full text of the 'ad' reads:

For serious long term relationship


  • Age 59, considered handsome & looks 10 years younger.
  • Blond hair, blue eyes, medium build, 1.75m tall.
  • Reasonably fit & in good health, a non-smoker & occasional drinker
  • Star sign Taurus DOB 1948
  • Professional and resides in Hendon Central, with own house and car.
  • Divorced after 27 years, has 2 adult daughters who have their own homes.
  • Not looking to father a new baby.
  • Seeking sole mate (sic), friend, lover & equal partner.
  • Share fun and laughter plus life's ups and downs.

  • Age 35-45, long hair would be nice, non-smoker, speaks English.
  • Good home-maker, honest, attractive, sensual and likes to dress well.
  • She may have children, no problem, depends on circumstances.
  • Gold-diggers definitely not welcomed so no time-wasters.

If interested, please call 0779....

So many questions...

What kind of personal skills does a person have, who thinks that this is an appropriate way to find a wife? A 'sensual' one, at that!

Are the standards of Chinese women so low that someone would seriously consider such a request for marriage? Imagine if he actually got together with someone; Imagine telling the 'how we met' story to friends and family!

What do you think?

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Spike said...

A 59 year old guy is looking for a 35 year old wife and says "no golddiggers"? Who else does he think would be interested?

www.Cosmetic-Candy.com said...

To be fair - men advertise, as women do for partners all the time. Take away the race element and apart from the face the dude is old, would it be as outrageous? Is it any more outrageous than someone putting an ad on a dating agency and specifiying they only want a caucasion partner?

I personally wouldn't go for it!!! But its one way to meet people.

Anonymous said...

someone saw my ad!

i would have taken it down if i saw it, its insulting

Anonymous said...

Well shamed that I tryed out that site this week, not my fault I like Chinese girls lol