Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cha Cha Moon, Alan Yau's new restaurant getting mixed reviews

Photo: The Times

Cha Cha Moon is the new dining concept from Alan Yau, arguably the leading Chinese restauranteur in the UK. Specializing in noodles, it is supposedly an attempt to create a Hong Kong style 'mein dong' experience in London.

My first impression is, if you want to recreate that 'mein dong' experience, you need to have those small, glass-topped tables with menus slipped underneath not long, trendy wooden benches. But anyway...

Press reviews have ranged from okay - to bad - to very bad whilst the feedback from ordinary punters is decidedly mixed. Check out what people have been saying on

Best comment of all must go to 'Ms. Wing Wong', who points out that:

I am Chinese, and I can really translate the name of the restaurant to you all in Chinese! Read the name backwards, i.e. Moon Cha Cha which means someone who doesn't know whether 'they are coming or going', and that's exactly how the staff of this restaurant are!

After reading that, it's going to be hard not to refer to the restaurant as 'Moon Cha Cha' :) I'm hoping to try it out for myself soon and will post a review when I do.

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