Saturday, February 21, 2009

The bbc blog diet: Cha Cha Moon

Don't believe the (bad) hype. Cha Cha Moon is actually quite good.

When this Alan Yau 'casual dining' restaurant opened, there was a special offer of any dish for £3.50 which is no longer available but it's still worth paying a visit. My duck noodle soup with plump goji beans was very nice and the Hong Kong style milk tea was fine although it didn't seem as strong as the real thing. They even do warm Vitasoy in bottles just like in HK.

Could this be further evidence that Western food critics don't really know how to assess Chinese or Asian restaurants?

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1 comment: said...

Yes! I remember reading some of the reviews at the time and thinking - you are SO missing the point of Chinese food. It's supposed to be quite and easy....

I remember when Gok Wan went on Gordon Ramsay's show and they both made Won Ton soup in the cook off. The testers (all western) picked Gordon's recipe which had....coriander in it. Coriander in Won Ton noodles?! Enough said.