Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Asian girl suffers from 'White Fever'

Poor girl. Can nothing be done about this condition? :)

AOMORI, JAPAN—At first glance, 17-year-old Misaki Nakajima seems like any other shy and submissive Japanese schoolgirl. She loves shopping, text messaging, and the color pink. But beneath her wholesome exterior lies a wicked secret: Misaki Nakajima is consumed by ... fantasies involving sweaty, middle-aged American men.

Article: The Onion
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Unknown said...

UMMMMM introduce her to me, ill help her

Anonymous said...

very clever....yet again the asian women, who ARE in fact often obsessed with whiteness, try to take that fact and twist it....to make an exaggerated comment implying why on EARTH would an attractive young asian girl be obsessed with sweaty, middle-aged american men? But if you take away the 'sweaty and middle aged' (which are clearly to denote negative images), you are left with the word (white) 'american men'. This is in fact what the asian women are after, and if such a man happens to also be sweaty and middle aged, they'll accept it. All you have to do is see how asian women behave in the presence of white american men of any age that is 'doable', and it becomes clear this is in fact the reality. But once again, the clever asian woman turns it upside down to ensure that she is always seen as either the victim of men with 'yellow fever' (the white man can apparently never be the 'victim' of her and any 'white fever'), and/or to imply that she has no reason to seek out 'sweaty middle aged' american men.

Anonymous said...

The first two posters must obviously be sweaty old (perverts) men with a young Asian girl fetish.

Asian Girls said...

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