Monday, February 01, 2010

Perhaps the riskiest tourist attraction in China

... and maybe the world.

Huashan in Shaanxi province is one of China's sacred mountains and a hugely popular tourist destination. Besides the sedate pleasure of temples and awe-inspiring scenery, there is also a precarious pathway that is becoming known as one of the most deadly tourist activities in the world, a narrow trail that takes hikers up a steep mountainside with at times nothing but a couple of planks or a chain to stop you plummeting to your death.

So how dangerous is this trail? Actually no-one knows the official figures because none are available. But from seeing online accounts and photos, I think we can safely say it's not somewhere you want to take your digital SLR.

Kudos to the guy who installed those planks, though!


bali blogger said...

goog blog, is this blog in china?

JLPT said...

WOW! I don't think I will be taking the family there.

I wonder if anyone has based jumped from Huashan.

Thanks for sharing!