Sunday, August 26, 2012

'Low Budget Lead' - a bbc short film!

Hi all. First of all apologies for the lack of recent posts. I have been incredibly busy but rest assured the blog is not forgotten and I hope to have some more interesting posts to come very soon (including another side-by-side).

What prompted this sudden return to the blog? A short film, that's what! Made by Jason Francis Lau during his final year at Brunel University, the film is described as a POV documentary and is an interesting look at life as a young British-born Chinese and indeed as a student in general. You can see a short trailer (which includes a link to the full film) here:

These days, most people's idea of a POV video would be a Youtube comment. This is actually a lot more creative and a lot more personal. The films starts off with a general look at life at uni and gradually (from about 9 mins) starts to focus more on the British-born Chinese aspect before then switching between the two.

Considering it was made without any budget, by Jason on his own, it's an impressive achievement. It blends multiple aspects of Jason's life and ends up as a pretty rare portrait of 'normal' uni life and a even rarer depiction of a young bbc's life.

Check out the film. Whilst British-born Chinese have made some media inroads in terms of appearances as actors and presenters, isn't it time we started seeing some bbc documentary and filmmakers too?


Jason Francis Lau said...

Thanks burntbreadboy for post.

I really appreciate it. I am just one man trying to make a difference. If others want to contribute, please repost and share my film around. Together we can make a difference, but we have to start somewhere! I hope to break some of the "perpetual foreigner" stereotype and show us as we see ourselves (rather than the biased mainstream media). Obviously my view is my opinion in this case.

If you or any other users have any comments you can feel free to add them here.

Likewise, if there are any questions you can post them here for me. I will try my best to answer them.

If you are BBC and you want to make a similar film, you can ask for my advice. You will probably do a better job than me! Your contribution matters our community a lot.

Many thanks,

Jason Francis Lau

PS I know my film is not professionally made - I hope you all don't mind. I also know the pacing is slow and relaxed, which is what I wanted (as a reflection of my life at that point).

BBC Ronin said...

Hi Jason, it's good to see more BBC contributing their views of the community through the media. Even though it's a bit amatuerish (if you don't mind me saying) it is still a great effort. I'm wondering if you have plans to make more videos in the future?

@burntbreadboy, I'm glad to see you back.

Jason Francis Lau said...

Hi BBC Ronin,

Thanks, I am glad you appreciate my effort. It is just a small contribution from one person to my community. I checked out your blog - thanks for your post! I really appreciate it.

I managed to talk about my film on BBC radio Manchester:

My segment is on 6:30 and 19:00 minutes into the show. That should give you a better idea of the background to my film and ideas if you are interested (You have till this Sunday to listen to it.)

Regarding your question, "if you have plans to make more videos in the future?" Well, I am completely self funded right now - I personally paid for all the video equipment, software, tripods, music equipment, PC, mics etc. So it would depend also on finances too unless I get a grant/funding.

BBC Ronin, which parts did you enjoy? And which parts do you feel reflected yourself as a BBC? And which parts did not? I am curious to know as identity was a very subtle and personal subject in my film.


Jason Francis Lau

ferdinand hegemur said...

it's so cooL...

Anonymous said...

Wow, best of luck to you. Great film, really enjoyed watching it. Well done.