Monday, February 12, 2007

Desperate Microsoft asks, 'What's wrong with you Asians?'

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Apparently, Microsoft are confused by the lack of interest that Asian gamers are showing in their Xbox 360 console.

So much so that they went to the trouble of setting up a special website targeting the Asian market that points out the tremendously attractive features of the console (e.g. 'It looks cool.') and asks Asian readers, a little desperately, 'what's wrong with you??!!'

Erm, aren't there more pressing problems in this world that might deserve a domain name like that? The Middle East conflict, maybe? Climate change? The fame of Paris Hilton?

Oh well, I guess we just don't know what's good for us and need to be told. :)

Put me down for a Wii, please!


Anonymous said...

The problem is the "games".

Asian gamers are used to Japanese gaming products. So, when some of the favourite games are not available in Xbox, it'll not be considered as something worth buying.

For example, between "Winning Eleven" (by Konami) and FIFA (by EA Sports) variants, I'll choose Winning Eleven ANYTIME!

To me, FIFA don't even pass the type of sophistication I require. In fact, it is incomparable to Winning Eleven. No match!

But in the USA, its consumers still think that FIFA is the best football games in the world.

Doing business in Asia is not easy. Many foreign companies in China for instance, are forced to close down and form joint ventures with local companies. Because, they don't understand what we want.

But once they get it, they'll be very successful.

burntbreadboy said...

I've never liked the Xbox. It just doesn't say 'fun' to me.