Friday, February 09, 2007

Stupid rumours about Chinese restaurants. Will they never end?

A restaurant chain in Scotland has apparently suffered a drop in takings because rumours were being spread that they were serving seagull under the guise of chicken.

Story in the Dundee Evening Telegraph.
“Since we reopened in October we have noticed a slump in business,” Chung Wong, manager for Jimmy Chung restaurants in Scotland, said today. “At this time of year we should be busier.

“We’ve been looking to open a second outlet in the city, but since these nasty rumours have been going around we’ve had problems. People have been phoning the council to see if they are true, but they are completely false.

“They say we have been using seagulls instead of chicken, but that’s totally ridiculous. Nobody does things like that. It is a lot easier to buy chicken than to go out and catch seagulls.

“People have been posting these rumours on the Internet, saying that is what has been happening in the Dundee restaurant. I can only think these are people who are also in the business and are upset we are selling quality food at low prices.

“We have been consulting our solicitors about these postings.”

Could anyone over the age of five really think it's possible that busy restaurant owners might be running about outside trying to catch seagulls instead of buying chicken from a wholesaler? Stupid. Just stupid.

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