Friday, February 09, 2007

The QPR vs. China 'friendly' punch-up

The mass brawl that erupted during a football match between the China Olympic team (effectively the national youth team) and Queens Park Rangers was quite comical in a way, and I hope it was just a case of players winding each other up (aka 'sledging') and things just escalating and getting out of hand.

At least the BBC report above shows some of the lead up to the fight, and not just the Chinese player going mental later on.

My only slight reservation here is that three QPR youth players are currently facing charges over the death of a Vietnamese student, Tu Quang Hoang Vu, who was either pushed or dragged into the path of a Tube train during some alleged 'mucking around' at Earls Court station last year.

The chances are that the players on the pitch during the fight are friends with, or know, the guys who were arrested and I just hope that this didn't play a part in turning this into some 'grudge match' in the minds of some QPR players. It was supposed to be a friendly after all.

Anyway, the fighting was out of order from both sides, and both managers have promised swift action against any wrongdoers.

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