Thursday, May 31, 2007

Helen Tse talks about her bbc-themed book, 'Sweet Mandarin'

I first mentioned the book 'Sweet Mandarin' back in February and now there is an introductory video from the author herself, Helen Tse.

It sounds like the 'Sweet Mandarin' story is one that many bbcs will be able to relate to.


Anonymous said...

Its nice to see the author talking - love the photos at the end. I have read this book and as a BBC it definitely resonates with me. Its written very well and I really enjoyed this book. The fact that Helen Tse is the first British Born Chinese author is an achievement in itself - brilliant.

Steven Choi

Anonymous said...

I have been following your rise to fame with much interest - and really loved your series on the Chinese Channel and reading about you in the Daily Mail. You speak very well, am impressed with your accomplishments and think you are so pretty. After all the invisibility - you are definitely a great role model for BBCs. Are you single?

Jon Lee
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