Sunday, April 15, 2007

MC Jin tells it like it is, ABC style

Jin is a noted freestyle American rapper , winner of numerous rap contests and perhaps the only Asian person to have made a name for themselves in the American rap/hip hop scene.

His new album is called ABC and is his first all Cantonese release. With track titles like 'Speak Can't Read' and '1997' it looks like bbcs will easily relate to the kinds of topics Jin raps about. And isn't it great to hear someone rapping in Cantonese and not sounding incredibly naff (yes, Cantopop stars who rap, I'm talking about you)?

If the first single (video below) is anything to go by, it should be worth checking out. Jin's new website is here (click on 'Launch Site' see see the latest news)

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Mano said...

I wanted to send this message somehow to MC Jin... I wrote this one night after having dinner at Yao Ming's restuarant and bar in Houston, TX... Wanted to let MC Jin know that he's not the only one fightin and representin and would like some feedback... Thanks!

Steppin up and representin...
By Mano Nguyen
March 25, 2005

Basil beef at Yao's restaurant was just first-class
Dragon Inn Buffet was a thing of the past

Non-Asian dudes wearing Houston Rocket # 11
We got Asian street signs next to lucky sevens

Youngsters now not knowing what we faced
Taking for granted the spices and green curry paste

Expanding out, demanding supplies we need
Growing larger and larger, demographics changed indeed

We're your neighbors, doctors, accountants, and
Right next to you at football games in the bleachers

We paved the road for what is here
Make understanding for what's unclear
Step up, lead and steer
Continue the path for future years

Searching for role models to step up to the plate
An Asian Lebron, wouldn't that be great?

Keep fighting to level the playing field
Opportunities are lopsided for reals

Break the mold and stereo-types diversify
Raise the bar, create standards to qualify

Women don't have to play roles of dragon lady whores
Asian dudes don’t have to play karate roles no more

Ladies, don't sell out, don't ever stray
Stay true to yourself, keep the faith, okay?
Tell em you’re not an easy lay
At least don’t give it up from January thru May
Six months to wait? Hay!!!
Respect my Asian sister and wait I say

What makes u think that its alright?
To portray me in a less masculine light?
I aint a fobby computer geek, clear your sight
Treat me like that, we gonna fight

I'll dance around you in every single category
Representing my way in Asian-style glory

Fellas, be smart and do your part
Give it your all, all of your heart
They'll respect us right from the start

Fellas, go on and step it up
We blowin up, hear us erupt

Asian Brad Pitts are just around the bend
Step out of the box and tell a friend
Gear up for some well balanced Asian men