Wednesday, April 25, 2007

His name is Gok and, ladies, he might change your life.

Stereotypical bbc jobs? What stereotypical bbc jobs?

I mentioned a few bbc/British Chinese celebs in an earlier post and what with Dr. Rob Yeung having his on BBC TV series on careers and confidence, there is a growing pantheon of individuals who are disproving the old bbc stereotypes on our screens these days.

The latest addition is Gok Wan, a bbc fashion guru from Leicester who's TV show (and book) is entitled 'How to Look Good Naked'. He was doing a book signing in London today, an advertisement for which prompted me to post this.

Gok's speciality is taking women who dislike their bodies and building up their confidence using fashion and style tips. At the end of his coaching sessions, his subjects pose nude to demonstrate their new found confidence.

UPDATE: Gok Wan's TV show begins on Channel 4 on May 1st, 8pm

Read about Gok and hear an interview with him here.

After some Googling, here's a post about Gok from a blogger friend of his.

And finally, Gok's book is out now.


Anonymous said...

What a dream job... :)

burntbreadboy said...

Perhaps they'll make a Malaysian version? :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the guy's just so amazingly camp. I doubt we want that stereotype. Then again, we don't exactly have much to begin with, eh.

Anonymous said...

how great that he makes women feel good about their bodies.