Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ah, those inscrutable Thais. Eh?

A moment of Asian fear and paranoia from elderly soap actress Wendy Richards who makes a classic 'they're all the same to me' observation about Kathreya, a contestant on UK reality show Big Brother.

I wouldn't say it was an outright racist comment but it certainly showed the kind of over-generalization that is all to common when Asian people are discussed.

Chinese, Japanese whatever, eh?

I've been following Big Brother and it's been disheartening to see Kathreya's popularity gradually fade over the weeks although I accept some of her traits can be annoying. What I still find weird is how many viewers seem to believe her persona is fake. She's always seemed like a totally genuine - if over-the-top - person to me. Here's a clip of her being not very inscrutable at all:

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I agree - Kat was annoying sometime but not mean or to me, fake. Amazingly enough there was a lot of hatred directed at her - even the housemates thought she would win and they would have interacted with her everyday, therefore thought of her as a worthy winner.

Wendy Richards comment is pretty typical too - a lot of people who have never interacted with people of Asian decent think they are all the same. There wasn't much uproar about this really, probably for the best.