Thursday, November 30, 2006

Memories fading, places changing.

My top 8 fastest fading memories of London Chinatown...

1) The road that used to run along Gerrard Street, before it was pedestrianized.
2) The restaurant that burnt down.
3) Going for dim sum with the family at the big restaurant that used to be on Leicester Square - the one that had the wax food on display in the window.
4) An age when I didn't like dim sum and would rather have gone to McDonalds instead.
5) Going for wedding banquets at Chuen Cheng Ku as a child and being bored out of my mind.
6) A time when Mainland Chinese were a rarity in Chinatown restaurants and Mandarin would barely be heard.
7) The East European looking lady in a funny costume who would stand outside 'So China'.
8) Dumpling Inn.

Photo by aidy100percent

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