Wednesday, November 22, 2006

U.S. magazine in 'Asian men are sexy' shocker!

It's all very well Myleene Klass holding the nation's men (and some women, no doubt) spellbound with her extensive swimwear collection and showering habits but you will rarely see an Asian (as in Chinese) male being portrayed as attractive or desirable on British telly.

I can only think of two instances - both 30 second commercials: One was an ad for Lynx deodorant that spoofed 'Crouching Tiger' and the other was an Orange ad featuring a Chinese-looking guy watching a miniature car chase happening on a bar top.

The States are a little more ahead of the game and as the reports, People magazine's latest list of Sexiest Men Alive contained 3, yes 3, Asian males. They are: John Cho (actor in 'American Pie'), Edison Chen and Daniel Dae Kim ('Lost').

Things like this do make a difference in how people (especialy young people) feel about their own race, I think, and it shows there is some way to go yet for us b.b.c males in terms of public perception and stereotypes. How long will it take, I wonder?

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Anonymous said...

That's sad that people aren't more hip on how cute Asians are. All of my friends (we're from the US) find Asian men to be crazy attractive.