Monday, November 13, 2006

When fantasy and reality collide.

Whilst many Asian/Western interracial relationships are successful, occasionally things don't quite go as planned and can reveal the way racial ideals and fantasies can obscure cold, harsh reality.

This article by Will Jory, journalist for the Daily Telegraph, starts with a particularly extreme example of the Oriental fantasy turning into a nightmare and then goes on to recount his own experiences which, erm, didn't go to well either. He also discusses the general concept of white English guys' perception of Asian women.

Many Western men take inordinate gambles with young South-East Asian women, the kind of gambles they would never consider at home.

Why? Obviously, there is a physical attraction. For many Western men, the slender, petite, ever-youthful figures of Eastern women can be seriously alluring. Then there is a cultural aspect: Thai women have a grace, a femininity and a deferential sexiness that many women in the West appear to have forsaken.

The attraction of female submissiveness might be reprehensible, but it is none the less real. Who doesn't like having their clothes washed, their meals cooked and their brow smoothed by a soft and loving hand?

Yes, I know the temptation well. For something not entirely dissimilar happened to me, another thirtysomething Englishman, a few years ago.

Well, I don't know. The guy seems totaly down on the whole 'Oriental fantasy' thing but that seems to be mainly down to his own preconceptions being wrong. After all, a lot of mixed relationships actually work out fine.

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