Friday, November 10, 2006

On-board an Oasis Hong Kong Airlines flight

Something I'm sure all bbcs are aware of by now, is the new airline offering low-cost flights from Gatwick to Hong Kong.

I think the general response to the launch of Oasis Hong Kong Airlines was "Yeah, great! Bargain flights to HK!" followed swiftly by "Hmm, think I'll let them do a few flights first before I jump on board."

The early doubts about proved partially right when the inaugural flight ran into problems and had to be delayed but there have been few reports of problems since. Now, for the curious amongst you, here's a chance to see for yourself what the actual plane interior is like:

Check out pics from on board Oasis Hong Kong's 747 here.

If that wasn't enough, here's an in-depth flight report from an Oasis passenger! He seemed to have had a great time, although his experience was probably a bit exceptional (being the first ever flight of a new airline etc.)

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