Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sanney Leung, author of HK Entertainment Review

If you've tried to visit the popular Hong Kong showbiz news site hkentreview.com recently you'll have noticed that the site is no longer up and running and the domain has been taken over by a holding company.

Normally, I would just put this down to a domain expiring and the webmasters 'giving up' on the site. However, hkentreview.com always seemed to be updated regularly so it was strange that the site would just come to an abrupt end like that.

After a quick Google, I discovered the reason. Sadly, the site's main author Sanney Leung was recently diagnosed with cancer and is currently receiving treatment. The full story is explained by one of Sanny's friends over at AsianFanatics.net.


hkentreview was a great, invaluable site and perhaps the only places where you could read up-to-date, translated showbiz news from HK. I'm sure readers will join me in wishing Sanney a full and speedy recovery.

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